2023 Symposium Accessibility

The Symposium aims to meaningfully include:

  • Attendees with visual, oral, cognitive, or motor impairments that affect how they interface with computers, pre-conference content, digital conference platforms, and/or in-person activities
  • Attendees with caregiving responsibilities
  • Attendees in different time zones
  • Attendees without material institutional support (i.e., funding)

To these ends, the Symposium provides auto-captioning for all virtual sessions and ASL interpreters as requested. As part of the registration process, attendees will be asked to indicate requests for live captioning, ASL interpreting, and other necessary accommodations.

All speakers are expected to make their presentations as accessible as possible. This includes speaker-provided closed captioning for pre-recorded presentations, verbal descriptions of images during recorded and live presentations, and a high-contrast color scheme for slides. For more information on how to make your presentation accessible, see the excellent guidance provided by Composing Access.

Send a note to metcalf@uri.edu to request a 2023 ISCS Presenter Guidance PDF.

All keynote lectures will be recorded and archived on the Metcalf Institute YouTube channel.

*We have gratefully borrowed much of the language above from the guidance written by Dr. Lauren Cagle for the ARSTM@NCA 2020 Virtual Pre-Conference on Social Justice.