Daniela Zárate

Name: Daniela Zárate
Pronouns: all and none
Affiliation: Four Lizard

Daniela Zárate (Four Lizard) is an extraterrestrial, multi-spirit kaleidoscope of a being interested in spurring spiritual and scientific revolutions in our collective human consciousness. She is currently a candidate for the Ph.D. in biology, studying honey bee genomics and behavior at the University of California, San Diego. Daniela is actively seeking to use her platform to challenge institutional oppression of marginalized communities and decolonize academic and scientific spheres of influence. She is a prison abolitionist and is involved in symbiotic efforts to bridge the institutions of education and mass incarceration. She enjoys being a part of The Biota Project, a creative collective of mad scientists / brooding artists interested in deploying mixed media art for science communication and social justice (@thebiotaproject). When she’s not analyzing DNA sequences, you can find her papercrafting, gardening, foraging for wild mushrooms, full moon charging her crystals, and astral projecting. She enjoys making youtube videos on crafting, beauty, books, science, and magic on her youtube channel “ Four Lizard.”.